Real-time transaction processing for commercial drug promotions.

We provide an advanced system for real-time transaction processing for commercial drug promotions. With Origis, you can deliver benefits directly to your patients, meeting commercial targets and providing essential support. Our extensive pharmacy network in Mexico allows you to effectively connect with your patients, offering discounts or free medications as needed.

This service extends to over-the-counter and prescription products as well as specialty drugs through pharmacy chains and specialized distributors. With Orbis, we ensure a direct and efficient connection between your products and those who need them most, optimizing access to treatments through leading technological solutions.



Our exclusive Origis platform, Orvee, is designed for efficient rental and operation of patient support programs (PSP) and adherence to treatment (ATX). Orvee stands out for its flexibility and customization capability, offering our clients tailor-made solutions that adapt to their specific needs.

With affordable costs and reduced implementation times, we facilitate effective management of programs that improve patients' quality of life and simplify their access to essential medications.

In Orvee, we not only manage the direct connection with your patients but also integrate all key players in the healthcare process, including call centers, experts in managing major medical expense policies, clinical laboratories, and field medical staff, among others.

Our proprietary tool ensures a smooth and personalized operation, ensuring that each patient receives the necessary support and attention for their treatment.

Additionally, Origis is ISO 27001 certified and has a self-regulation certificate from the Personal Data Protection Law issued by INAI (National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information, and Data Protection), underscoring our commitment to information security and privacy.



Audits of commercial promotions conducted by retail chains.

A specialized service in auditing commercial promotions carried out by retail chains, Odit ensures transparency and fairness in delivering benefits to your patients.

Often, chains use their loyalty programs to manage these benefits, which can create conflicts of interest by assuming the roles of executor and evaluator simultaneously.

Odit intervenes to conduct a thorough audit of the pharmaceutical chain's activities, verifying adherence to the regulations set by your company in managing patient benefits.

With Odit, we ensure an effective control mechanism to eliminate any conflicts of interest, thus providing reliable support for your compliance department in relation to the distributed benefits and corresponding costs.

Odit is available in two versions: one focused on rule review and another on statistical review, allowing you to select the option that best suits your operational needs.

Moreover, Odit's processes are ISO 9001 certified, reaffirming our commitment to quality and effectiveness in auditing commercial promotions.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Managed services for analytical platforms.

Our managed services for analytical platforms capture and process the vast amount of data generated by interactions between patients and various health ecosystem actors.

These interactions, crucial for improving access to services, adherence to treatments, and patients' quality of life, translate into valuable data sets.

Our platform not only records these interactions but also transforms them into strategic information, enabling a deep understanding and effective management of health processes.

The Business Intelligence (BI) services we offer are complementary and perfectly suited to organizations seeking to extract key learnings from these interactions. We provide access to one of the market-leading tools, Microsoft's Power BI, allowing you to analyze and leverage this data to generate valuable insights.

Our BI team handles all technical maintenance, including data loading and transformation processes, ensuring that you can focus exclusively on analysis and result generation.

This comprehensive approach to BI empowers you to make informed decisions, continuously improve service quality, and optimize health strategies based on concrete evidence and detailed analysis.

Servicios Administrados

Managed Services

We understand the uniqueness of each client and their different needs.

Therefore, we offer a range of human resource profiles designed to strengthen the management of your adherence to treatment (ATX) and patient support programs (PSP). Our services are highly customizable, allowing you to scale resources according to the operational demands of your organization.

Our professionals specialize in a wide range of activities, from direct coordination with your company and external entities to driving innovation through technological development, automation, and the creation of processes tailored to the dynamic needs of your business.

Moreover, we have experts with extensive experience who can provide strategic advice to optimize the operational management of your programs.

These services are managed through our rigorous customer service process, certified under ISO 9001 standard, and supported by key performance indicators (KPIs) that ensure a rapid and efficient response to our clients' needs.

Our commitment is to provide solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring a smooth and effective operation of your health programs.

Inicio Tx

Inicio TX

An innovative mobile application designed specifically for physicians, facilitating the management of medical treatment initiation directly from their devices.

Inicio TX allows doctors, backed by pharmaceutical laboratories, to manage a digital inventory of medications, enabling the immediate start of treatment for their patients.

Inicio TX permite a los médicos, respaldados por laboratorios farmacéuticos, gestionar un inventario digital de medicamentos, posibilitando el inicio inmediato del tratamiento para sus pacientes.

This digital platform empowers doctors to improve patients' access to healthcare, allowing them to electronically send vouchers for free clinical trials or medications subsidized by the laboratories. These facilities are part of an effort to eliminate barriers to treatment access, significantly contributing to improving patient health.

Besides offering medications at a discount or for free, Inicio TX has established itself as an essential tool for modernizing and streamlining the process of distributing medical samples in the sector.

Its flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of medications, from high-specialty products to retail options.

The integration of Inicio TX into medical practice meets the growing need to incorporate advanced technologies in the healthcare sector. This service aligns with the trend of an increasing number of doctors who are accustomed to and receptive to using technological tools, marking a crucial point in the transition to more modern and efficient medical practices.

Inicio TX not only represents a technological advancement but also symbolizes a progressive change in how doctors interact with pharmaceuticals and patient treatment, ensuring a positive and lasting impact on the healthcare sector.

Soluciones para minoristas

Solutions for Retailers

At Origis, we provide comprehensive solutions for retailers, designed to offer you the most advanced and adaptable tools in the market, optimizing the execution of your loyalty programs. Our solutions process millions of transactions each month, demonstrating their capacity and robustness. We have a team of highly qualified professionals, whose experience in customizing services ensures the creation of unique loyalty programs that set you apart in the market.

Our focus on innovation and customization allows you to design a loyalty program that not only meets your customers' expectations but also surpasses their desires, creating an exceptional and memorable customer experience. Partnering with Origis gives you not just a technological solution but a strategic partner committed to the success of your loyalty program. We provide the tools and support needed to compete effectively, fostering creativity and differentiation in the design and execution of your program.

With Origis Retail Solutions, you will be at the forefront of loyalty program innovation, deepening your connection with customers and enhancing growth and loyalty. We are dedicated to driving your success, offering a robust and reliable platform that constantly evolves to meet the dynamic demands of the market and your customers' needs.

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"Origis, with more than 20 years leading technological innovation to connect patients with the healthcare industry, demonstrates an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and universal access to medical care."

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Our mission is to transform access to health by uniting healthcare sector actors and patients with efficient and differentiating technological solutions for universal well-being.


"We envision a world where technology connects patients with the healthcare sector, facilitating universal access to health for a healthier life."

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We offer innovative technological solutions that transform access and management of health.

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We have a transactional system connected to a widespread pharmacy network that provides significant operational advantages.

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We have ISO certifications that guarantee our commitment to quality and reliability.

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